We are on our summer schedule, gathering for worship on Sundays at 10:00am.

Reflections from Daily Reading, Jan 12th

Reflection from daily reading (1/12/19): Earlier this week I read through Genesis 25. One short phrase stood out to me – “And Isaac prayed to the LORD for his wife.” Isaac’s wife, Rebekah, was childless. But the way the sentence reads it seems that Isaac’s concern is for his wife, not just that he remains without an heir. He didn’t “pray for a son,” or “pray that his wife would conceive,” – he was concerned and “prayed for his wife.” Good challenge for us husbands – pray for our wives! DW

Reflection from Daily Reading, Jan 8th

Today I was reading in Psalm 8 and struck not only by the awesome position God has place us (humanity) in, making us “a little lower than the heavenly beings,” but also the awesome responsibility he has given us. In the beginning, God appointed Adam as a vice regent over creation – to work and to keep it. This responsibility of exercising dominion over creation extends to us – “you have given us dominion over the works of your hands.” This rule is to be exercised with great care – it is the work of God’s hands we are stewarding, and it is to be patterned after God’s care for his world! That is an awesome responsibility. DW