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A Pattern for Living — Bob Whitaker (26 Nov 2017)

It is by grace that we were offered the free gift of eternal life. It is by grace that we have been called into relationship with Jesus Christ. It is by grace that we have been provided a pattern for living. It is by grace that we are empowered to live in the Spirit. Let’s think about what it means to live in the Spirit.

A Sacred Identity — Bob Whitaker (19 Nov 2017)

Most of us have a favorite phrase that we use over and over. We might not even know how often we repeat it until someone tells us about it. The Apostle Paul had a favorite prepositional phrase that he used many times – in Christ. Why did he use it so often? What did it mean to him? What should it mean to us?

A Constant Guide — Bob Whitaker (12 Nov 2017)

Jesus gave his disciples a promise before leaving this earth. He promised not to leave them alone, instead sending a Counselor to be their guide. His role will be to convict the world of sin and to guide them into all truth. On Sunday we will consider how this is a statement of both grace and truth.