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Bless the Lord Forevermore

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April 23, 2020 by Steven Lulich

The dead do not praise the Lord,
Nor do any who go down into silence.
Nor do any who go down into silence.
But we will bless the Lord
From this time forth and forevermore.
Praise the Lord. Psalm 115:17-18

Steadfast Love

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April 22, 2020 by Tim O’Connor

“Let them thank the LORD for his steadfast love, for his wondrous works to the children of men!”

Psalm 107 opens with a call to give thanks to the LORD for his steadfast love, extended to “the redeemed of the LORD” from all directions of the earth. It is followed by four similar stanzas.

The Presence of Jesus

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April 21, 2020 by Bob Whitaker

As a child in Sunday School I remember singing, “Zacchaeus was a wee little man and a wee little man was he…”  I thought that poor little Zacchaeus was too short to see Jesus but Jesus was nice enough to notice him.  The facts of that are true enough – Jesus did notice him. 

That’s One (Fish) Tale Peter Will Never Forget

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April 17, 2020 by Jennie Hession

Luke 5:1-11; John 21:2-8

What is one of your earliest memories of an encounter with Jesus? What was your experience with Jesus like? What happened? How did you feel? How would you describe the way Jesus saw you and responded to you? What was your response to Jesus?

We Are All Beggars

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April 14, 2020 by Bob Whitaker

The many miracles of Jesus happened for a reason, namely to illustrate that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the living God.  However, beyond that primary message of these miracle stories there are always spiritual lessons for life. This is certainly true for the story of Bartimaeus in Mark 10:46-52.


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April 1, 2020, by Dan Waugh

I had a difficult time setline on a passage to write about this morning. The Psalms readings were great (of course), and there were so many good stories in Mark 7-9. I settled on Mark 9:2-13, the Transfiguration of Jesus, because, well, it’s about Jesus. Obviously, all of the gospels are about Jesus, but if I’d taken up, for example, Mark 3:34ff I would have ended up writing more about the cost of discipleship than Jesus.

Before and After

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April 10, 2020 by Matt Wooden

Dates don’t always carry the historical weight we think they will in the moment. Franklin Roosevelt’s condemnation of December 7 to the annals of infamy fades a bit with each passing year. There will come a time when the mention of the date September 11 will not carry a corresponding memory, an implicit sadness.