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Staff Meeting Devotion Sept. 17, 2013

Categories: Devotional Thoughts

“Give Glory to God”

Luke 17:1-19

In verses 1-4, Jesus talks about forgiveness…how many times we are to forgive. Isn’t it interesting that the apostles’ response is, “Increase our faith”? What does forgiving have to do with faith? If God commands us to forgive, we are to have faith in him for the results of that forgiveness.  We can accomplish nothing without God. And if we do what God commands us to, all we are to say is “We have only done our duty” (v. 10). The glory is God’s, and we are to give it to him.

Chapter 17 speaks about forgiveness, increasing our faith, what faith the size of even a mustard seed can do, and doing our duty—all are intertwined with the everyday tasks in our lives. In all of these, we are to give God the glory.  In verses 11-19, the lepers instructed by Jesus to present themselves to the priests were cleansed even as they were on their way to the priests; but only one, a Samaritan, returned and glorified God.

I was struck and encouraged by a recent update from a former ECC-er, in which she described God’s leading her to attend a school in New Zealand this semester (similar to a YWAM Discipleship Training School)…without personally asking anyone for funds!  As deadline after deadline loomed, or even came and went, God provided exactly the amount needed as she moved forward in faith, giving him the glory. If we need something and God tells us to trust him for it, he will put the puzzle piece in place to provide it.  His is the glory!