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Reflections from Daily Reading, Feb 6th

Categories: Devotional Thoughts

Psalm 25 is a beautiful prayer. As we’ve been thinking about prayer recently, part of this Psalm really jumped out to me. The psalmist writes, “For the sake of your name, LORD, forgive my iniquity, though it is great.”  Asking for forgiveness is linked to God’s name, his glory. I think there are two things going on here. First, the sins of God’s people are a stain on God’s reputation. Asking for forgiveness is asking for this stain to be removed, washed clean. Second, when God forgives, he is praised as the merciful, graceful, clemency giving, sin forgiving God. Both aspects of this prayer appeal to God’s concern for his glory and desire to be glorified. This is an important element of godly prayer, understanding how our prayers and God’s answers serve to bring him praise and honor. DW