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Reflection from Daily Reading, Jan 31

Categories: Devotional Thoughts

A couple of days ago I read the conclusion to Joseph’s story (Genesis 50). After the passing of their father, Joseph’s brothers fear he make repay them for the evil they had done to him by selling him into slavery decades prior. It is and understandable fear. But Joseph’s perspective is different. He reassures them, saying, “Am I in the place of God.” In other words, “God is the one who will judge and hold you accountable for how you’ve wronged me; not me.” That’s a hard perspective to adopt, but a critical one. We’re taught repeatedly that we need to stand up for ourselves, fight for our rights. We, in the quietude of our thoughts, are often planning our revenge, rehearsing what we’ll say and do to those who’ve wronged us. But, Joseph’s attitude freed him from this, allowed him to move on without bitterness and enabled him to forgive his brothers. How freeing to rely on the ultimate, perfect judgment and justice of God! DW