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The ECC Library is a Christian lending library with thousands of books and audiovisual materials for all ages and is available to our members, attenders, and visitors.

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The mission of the ECC Library is to equip, edify, and encourage Christian believers as they work out their faith. The library supports the ministry and mission of the church by helping believers to remain grounded in their understanding of God, to live out their faith, to effectively serve in the life of the congregation, to reach out to the community, and to use their leisure time in a wholesome manner. You are invited to visit the library and check out materials of interest to you.


Library Hours

Browse and check out materials on your own, anytime the church is open (Sunday mornings, and Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM). Library Volunteers will be available on Sunday mornings after each worship service to assist with checking out and locating materials. to Top


Browse the Collection

Browse the collection online through the Library Catalog.

Get a Library Card

You need a library card to check out materials. You can apply for a library card in one of two ways:
1. Fill out the online Library Card Signup Form.
2. Fill out a printed Library Card Signup Form, found next to the checkout station in the library.

After applying for a library card, the applicant will be notified when their new library card is available. Cards will be kept in a box on a shelf next to the library computer station in alphabetical order. A library patron may choose to store their library card on the shelf or they may choose to keep it in their wallet. If a patron cannot find their card and cannot remember their number, they can ask a Library Volunteer on Sunday to look it up for them.

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Check Out Materials

Check out materials with a library card or library card number:

    1. Open the Library Self Service. If the computer station is not already logged in, a library volunteer will assist.
    2. Scan the back of your library card containing the barcode, using the barcode reader at the computer station. Confirm that your name appears. You may alternatively type in your barcode number.
    3. Scan the barcode on the back of the book or audiovisual item, in the upper-left corner. The title and due date of the item should appear, indicating it is checked out to you.
    4. All materials are due in three weeks.
    5. Within a week’s time, you should receive a transaction email detailing what you have checked out and when the material is due.

Renew Materials

Books and audio-visual materials may be renewed by a Library Volunteer after services on Sundays. Alternatively, an email may be sent to the Librarian at to request renewal.

Overdue Materials

All materials are due three weeks from check-out date. Patrons will be notified by email if materials are overdue and will be expected to return them as soon as possible.

Lost Materials

Patrons are responsible for replacing lost materials checked out to them. If a material has been lost, please contact a library volunteer or email the Librarian at

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The Library Committee needs volunteers to staff the library desk and assist patrons on Sunday mornings, help check in materials, and aid the committee in the upkeep of our collection. To get involved, contact the Librarian at
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