Wednesday Nights, 6pm

WHOLYFIT (ACSM) is a unique, devotional, mind/body exercise that can be effectively used as an alternative to yoga. This powerful exercise system was created by Fitness Pros for Christ as a Christian alternative to yoga. This exercise will bring strength, flexibility, energy, and balance to the entire body. These highly effective strength and flexibility moves build strength 5x faster than traditional strength exercises. Scripture meditations, powerful poses, and great inspirational music will leave you stronger, relaxed, and renewed! A single session each week can bring great benefit to the body!
*WHOLYFIT is not associated with: Yogic organizations, eastern philosophies, other religions, etc.

Listen to a radio interview with WholyFit instructor Lori Mangrum!

Next Session: WholyFit Functional Fitness (6 weeks)

WholyFit will run 6-7pm on Wednesdays, March 22nd through April 25th. Exercises focusing on full body movements that help the body perform its best! Train muscle groups that are used in your daily life movements and activities, including sports. Great for any fitness level, including athletes, seniors, fit, and unfit! Burn fat, improve muscle tone, increase stability, and build a stronger body less prone to injury. Registration is now closed; class is full.


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Registration is closed as the class is full.