We are currently following a temporary schedule during COVID-19. Please check our homepage for the most current information.

Welcome to our online fitness classes to strengthen your body, soul, and spirit!

“It’s in Christ that we live, and move, and have our being.” (Acts 17:28)

Our bodies were given to us by God, we are “temples of the Holy Spirit” and He lives in us. (I Cor 6:19) We honor God by being good stewards of our whole being, including our bodies, souls, and spirits!

We invite you to strengthen, stretch, and relax your body and spirit with one of our workouts. Each session includes a relaxing scripture meditation at the end. These are free classes you can do each week in the safety and comfort of your own home. (*No exercise equipment required)

Choose a workout video:

*New workouts will be added monthly

RENEW: 30 min low impact exercise class (Includes a mix of gentle standing and/or chair exercises) designed to help maintain muscle mass, balance and flexibilty. * Quiet relaxation and scripture meditation and the end.

CORE: 30 min exercise session to build core strength and stability. Tone your abs and build a stronger back and better posture. *Quiet relaxation and scripture meditation at the end.

STRENGTH: 30 min strength workout designed to work the upper and lower body. *Quiet relaxation and scripture meditation at the end.

RELAX: 30 min stretch and relaxation using scripture meditations. (Done on the mat/floor or chair)

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More about your instructor:

Lori Mangrum attends ECC and is the wife of Pastor John Mangrum. She has been a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer for over 10 years with AFAA Certifications in Group Exercise, Personal Training, and Pilates. Lori has taught exercise classes at Indiana University SRSC, Bell Trace Senior Living Center, and taught Wholyfit, ACSM, at ECC for 8 years. She currently teaches classes and does Personal Training at the YMCA.