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Connexion: Two Paths – Dan Waugh (14 April 2013)

The Psalm’s are full of godly wisdom. One of the ways the psalmists commend wisdom to us is by presenting two alternative paths: the path of righteousness and the way of the wicked.  Each path leads somewhere. While the path of wickedness may look enticing, it leads to destruction. The path of righteousness, on the other hand, looks hard, but leads to blessing, to life, to eternity, to God.

Connexion: Created For Praise – Bob Whitaker (7 April 2013)

Pastor Bob kicks off a new miniseries on the book of Psalms. Each week we’ll look at a different type of psalm: wisdom, lament, Messianic. This week, Bob begins with psalms of praise, addressing issues like “Why does God want our praise?” and “What happens to us when we praise God?”

Dealing with Our Enemies — Bob Whitaker (17 Mar 2013)

While fleeing from Saul, David has the opportunity to take Saul’s life. He refuses to do so, claiming that he cannot kill God’s anointed one. Even though Saul is pursuing him for evil intent, David is determined to let God deal with the injustice. This is a theme that we see in the Psalms of David, “Lord please rain down justice or vengeance upon my enemies…” David clearly sees (experiences) the injustice and cries out to God for justice but at least on this occasion is unwilling to take justice into his own hands. What does this teach us about dealing with our enemies?