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A Prenatal Visit of a Different Sort — Dan Waugh (29 Nov 2015)

From Luke 1:39-56. Sometimes we get gifts that are meant just for us – a bottle of cologne, a new tie, etc. Other times, gifts are for the whole family – like a board game, or a basketball hoop. Imagine a gift that was for you, your family, the neighborhood, the whole town…now think bigger. A gift for the nations. That’s the kind of gift that was given in Christ, and Mary reflects on this in the song known as the Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55).

Thanks Be to God — Bob Whitaker (22 Nov 2015)

From Luke 17:11-19. When Jesus encountered 10 people who had leprosy on the way to Jerusalem he healed all of them. After all of them were healed only one returned to give thanks. I want to be like the leper who returned. I want my life to be a thanksgiving offering to Jesus. Join me as we give thanks to the one who gave us life.

The Flight of the Pigs — Dan Waugh (15 Nov 2015)

From Matthew 8:28-34. This story of Jesus’ delivering a man from a host of demons may be one of the most bizarre in the Gospels, and yet, bizarre though it is, it’s filled with theological truths that cross centuries and cultures and speak into our lives even today. This account shows us something important regarding the nature of evil and also the nature of the One who takes it on and conquers it.

Connexion: Empowered! – Josiah Leuenberger (15 Nov 2015)

Sunday evening at Connexion Josiah taught on how the Holy Spirit empowers us to be transformed to Christ’s likeness and for service to others. Listen as we consider together how the Spirit helps us in our walks of faith and how we can walk in step with the Spirit in our lives!

Too Busy? — Bob Whitaker (8 Nov 2015)

From Luke 10:38-42. We can become so busy with work and other important details that it can eclipse what is most essential. Are you too busy to pray? Are you too busy to read the Bible? Are you too busy for worship? These are important questions that Jesus wants us to consider. Let’s do that by looking at the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10 – unless you’re too busy!