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Connexion: Special Guest Pastor Dale Beaver (6 Mar 2016)

We are glad to have had Pastor Dale Beaver of Christian Fellowship Church in Evansville, IN as our special guest this week. Pastor Beaver has served at CFC for the past 10 years and prior to that was a chaplain on the NASCAR race circuit. He will share with us insight from scripture and his own life experiences on living in faith in Christ during your young adult years.

Staying Alive — Bob Whitaker (28 Feb 2016)

From John 15:1-17. Food and water are absolutely essential ingredients for physical life. However, when it comes to spiritual life, there is another essential ingredient. Jesus teaches in John 15 that in order to “stay alive” you must “remain in the vine,” because “I am the vine and you are the branches.”

Connexion: Lost Sons – Josiah Leuenberger (28 Feb 2016)

We resumed our Life in the Kingdom series with a message from Josiah called “The Lost Sons” on the parable Charles Dickens and Ralph Waldo Emerson called “the greatest story ever told.” Join us as we consider the transforming truth that Jesus’ Prodigal Son parable displays about our basis for relationship with God.

Connexion: Marriage Panel (22 Feb 2016)

Bad weather last week forced us to postpone the marriage panel, but don’t worry, we got it covered. Josiah assembled a great panel of couples to discuss love and marriage, respond to questions and give their insights into relationships.

Lamb of God — Bob Whitaker (7 Feb 2016)

Jesus’ introduction of the Passover meal was an epic moment–he was about to predict his death and provide the definitive explanation of his earthly existence. The disciples did not understand this moment, but the rest of the New Testament (written by the disciples) provides us with the meaning behind this remarkable episode. Let’s consider the eternal consequences of this one moment in time.

Service: The Mark of Greatness — Bob Whitaker (31 Jan 2016)

“In order to be great you must be a servant. Those who are first will be last…” This was the consistent message of Jesus, but the disciples didn’t understand. Everything about their environment suggested that greatness was associated with power, wealth, and fame. Isn’t this still the problem? As we consider Crossroads on the journey to the cross, let’s refocus on Jesus’ teaching about servanthood.

Connexion: Trusting God’s Provision – Josiah Leuenberger (31 Jan 2016)

Have you ever struggled with uncertainty, fear, or worry when thinking about the future? Sunday evening Josiah helped us consider Jesus’ teaching on what we are to do with those concerns in light of the Good News of God’s reign. Josiah shared this message as part of our Life in the Kingdom series from Matthew 6:25-34 titled “Trusting in God’s Provision.”

Extravagant Love — Bob Whitaker (24 Jan 2016)

Matthew 26:6-13. Here is a picture of a woman who expressed extravagant love for Jesus without regard for cultural protocol or what people around her might think. Her gaze was upon Jesus and nothing else mattered. Because of her passionate love, Jesus predicted that her story would be told to the whole world. Here we are 2,000 years later, on the other side of the world, learning from her story.