Sunday Worship (School Year)
9:30-10:30AM Traditional | 11:00AM-12:00PM Contemporary
Sunday Worship (Summer)
10:00-11:00AM (Memorial Day weekend through July 31st)
Camp Olivet


Grades 3-6* | June 8-12, 2020** | $225

*determined by grade child is entering in the fall

**dates are subject to change if cancellations extend the end of the school year

What is Camp Olivet?

Oh, Camp O. Where do we begin? First of all, it’s beautiful. Olivet sits on a Civil War-era farmstead (with original barn where we eat, craft, and gather). We roam in Indian Creek and trek through hundreds of acres of pristine forest wilderness while deer, salamanders, and snakes scatter. There are no lights to distract from sunsets and starlights. So you know, there’s all that.

It’s in this setting that we invite campers to play, to create, to sing, to act, to wonder and worship, to ask unscripted and unfiltered questions about God – who he is and what he’s doing. And best of all, they do it with friends – some they knew before and some they just met. Community is big here – we want kids to crave relationship and find it here with God and others. Our 1:3 counselor to camper ratio (and 2:1 overall staff to camper ratio) are designed to ensure your child is known and comes to know others.


This is a week that will become part of your child’s story. There’s a reason we have old campers coming back to counsel and be part of the staff each year – Camp Olivet gets in your blood. Sending your child to camp is a big step, and we want to help the camp experience be something amazing and unforgettable. In addition to spending time in this environment, we want to do our best to connect to the area, using organic products from farms around the camp whenever possible for our snack and meal menus.

Please also know that we are committed to bringing EVERY interested child to camp, regardless of cost. Scholarships of any amount are available when you register. We can’t wait to see you in June!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is scholarship money available?
Yes. We have never turned a camper away because of cost. You can request a full or partial scholarship on our registration form.  All scholarship requests will be honored.

Q: What kind of supervision will my camper receive?
Campers are divided into cabins of six for the week. Each cabin is led by two enthusiastic, qualified, and trained high school counselors. All activities and camp programs are led by adult staff, making our staff to camper ratio close to 2:1.

Q: Where is Camp Olivet located?
Camp Olivet is located in Springville, IN, about 25 minutes southwest of Bloomington. We will bus campers from Evangelical Community Church on the first day and return them there on the last day.

Q: Who runs camp, and what do you believe?
The week-long Camp Olivet is operated by Evangelical Community Church in Bloomington, IN. You can read ECC’s Statement of Faith here. (The Olivet Foundation, which is charged with overseeing the operations and maintenance of the camp facility and is comprised of members of Southminster Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, is not affiliated with ECC.)

Q: My child is not a Christian. Will he/she feel awkward?
We hope not. We have many campers each year from outside the church environment. We will be talking about Jesus and what the Christian faith is all about. We will not coerce your child to believe something they do not believe, nor will they be ostracized. We think your camper, as thousands of campers have in the past, will enjoy their experience at ECC Camps regardless of their faith.