Adult Community GroupsAdult Community Groups (Sunday Morning Classes)

As part of the larger church, Adult Community Groups are mid-sized communities of Christ-followers who are committed to receiving, equipping, and sending disciples into the world.

ACGs provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with others, enjoy fellowship, and learn in community. There is a diverse selection of classes offered at both 9:30 and 11:00am on Sunday mornings during the school year.

Spring 2017

9:30am ACGs

The Belayers. Kevin Flick and Steven Lulich will team teach the class on The Gospel of Matthew in Context. Matthew’s Gospel is commonly considered to be “the most Jewish” of the four Gospels, with frequent allusions to the Old Testament and reliance on the reader to recognize Rabbinic words and customs. This ACG series will introduce the Gospel of Matthew in its Old Testament and Rabbinic context, and will provide a framework for better under-standing and applying Matthew’s purpose and teaching about Jesus of Nazareth. Meeting in Room 18 at 9:30am.

Perspectives. David MacKay brings back the series Jesus at the Movies. From 1897 to the present day, Jesus has been a topic of interest for the film industry. In our ACG, we will view and discuss clips of Jesus films made under a wide range of conditions, with different purposes for different audiences. Some of the movies you will find comforting, others irritating, but all should be challenging. In so doing, it is hoped that we shall become more aware of the filters we use in forming our personal images of Jesus and come away with a more enriched understanding of the Son of God. Meeting in Room 14/15 at 9:30am.

11:00am ACGs

Goodson’s ACG. Jim Goodson continues to lead this class through The Gospels on an intensive, chapter-by-chapter investigation of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. Newcomers are welcomed at any time. The approach is to identify and study parallel passages and material unique to each Gospel writer. The format allows for recognition of both identical and different accounts of the same events and teachings. Material unique to a writer is reviewed in its chronological sequence. Discussion is encouraged. Although the use of a Gospel parallel such as Aland’s Synopsis of the Four Gospels is beneficial, it is not necessary. The Bible is the primary text. The class is open to all ages. Meeting in Room 17 at 11:00am.

Koinonia. Dan Waugh will lead the class in a series entitled The Same God? This study will explore issues related to truth in religion, paths to salvation, pluralism, and the uniqueness of Christ and Christianity. We will explore Christians who have believed all are saved by Christ, that other religions can be vehicles of divine grace, that all religions are essentially equal, and that Christ has saved even some who don’t know him, as well as those who hold to the traditional exclusivist position that only those who know Christ personally will be saved. Join the conversation! Meeting in Room 18 at 11:00am.

Mom’s ACG. If you are looking to connect with other moms, the Mom’s ACG is a great place to jump in. The Mom’s ACG is a safe place for moms to gather, pray, and find community. It’s a great option for moms who work outside the home during the week. This winter/spring they will continue their study of four of Paul’s letters: Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians. Meeting in Room 14/15 on the first and third Sundays at 11:00am.


Here are some of the topics groups have had in the past:

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