Sunday Worship (School Year)

9:30-10:45AM Traditional | 11:00AM-12:15PM Contemporary
Sunday Worship (Summer)

10:00-11:15AM (Memorial Day weekend through July 31st)

Adult Community GroupsAdult Community Groups (Sunday Morning Classes)

As part of the larger church, Adult Community Groups are mid-sized communities of Christ-followers who are committed to receiving, equipping, and sending disciples into the world.

ACGs provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with others, enjoy fellowship, and learn in community. There is a diverse selection of classes offered at both 9:30 and 11:00am on Sunday mornings during the school year.

9:30am ACGs

The Belayers. Meeting in Room 18 at 9:30am.

The Triumph of the Lamb, with Dan Waugh. In this eight-week study of Revelation, we will focus on the big, recurring themes. Revelation is an incredible, God-centered, worldview-shaping book with tons of practical applications. Unfortunately, it’s a book that is often ignored because it is incredibly challenging. Come and study it with us in community.

Perspectives. Meeting in Room 14/15 at 9:30am.

Your Muslim Neighbors. This group will explore the history and practice of Islam, with a special focus on how we can show the love of Christ to our Muslim neighbors.

Mom’s ACG. Meeting in Room 17 at 9:30am.

Encourage and Rest, Amy Hendershot, coordinator. During this study, we focus on encouraging one another and resting in God’s truth. Taking a key word each week, we discuss how the theme word relates to our spiritual lives and to us as mothers/wives/women, do a light Bible study, and then leave with 4-6 scripture passages and a common prayer to meditate on.

11:00am ACGs

Focus. Meeting in Room 17 at 11:00am.

1 Corinthians, with Dave Archer. The book of 1 Corinthians is one that reminds us how practical theology is. The Corinthian church was a mess, and a lot of their problems were connected to poor theology. Join in the conversation as Dave Archer leads the class to consider the lessons we learn from Paul’s epistle to the church in Corinth.

Koinonia. Meeting in Room 18 at 11:00am.

The Practice and Problem of Prayer, team-taught.  There simply is not one right way to pray: prayers can be spontaneous, written, Scriputral, or even silent. We can pray alone, with others, for ourselves, for others, and for God’s will and kingdom. A team of teachers will lead this class to consider different prayer practices and some thorny problems related to prayer.