Adult Community GroupsAdult Community Groups (Sunday Morning Classes)

As part of the larger church, Adult Community Groups are mid-sized communities of Christ-followers who are committed to receiving, equipping, and sending disciples into the world.

ACGs provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with others, enjoy fellowship, and learn in community. There is a diverse selection of classes offered at both 9:30 and 11:00am on Sunday mornings during the school year.

Winter/Spring 2017

9:30am ACGs

The Belayers. Finishing Well. Ben Franklin once penned the phrase, “In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.” Today, some may succeed at avoiding taxes, but unless Christ returns in our lifetime, death seems like a pretty sure thing. Yet, most of us will give little thought to the topic of death until it is forced upon us. Is it possible that encountering and contemplating death could actually enrich our lives? In this series we will consider that question, as well as topics such as: better serving the dying, preparing for a good death, mourning in the face of loss, and living well in the face of eternity. Teachers will include John Mangrum, Dr. Melissa Hullinger, and others. Room 18.

Perspectives. Packing for Exile: Christianity and Culture. How are Christians to view and engage in the cultures that surround them? That debate goes all the way back to the early church, and is still a lively one today. In fact, Tim Keller wrote, “There is no more crucial issue facing us today than the relationship of the church and the gospel to contemporary culture.” In this study, we’ll consider some of the early church figures and a classic work on the topic by Niebuhr as well as contemporary thinkers like Andy Crouch, James Hunter, and Rod Dreher.  Room 14/15.

11:00am ACGs

Goodson’s ACG. The Gospels. Jim Goodson continues to lead this class on an intensive, chapter-by-chapter investigation of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. Whether you’ve never done a systematic study of the Gospels or you’ve read through them a hundred times, there is enough treasure there to be mined for a lifetime! Room 17.

Koinonia. The Most Influential Modern Christians. This series is a counterpart to The Most Influential Early Church Figures series from last year. Those figures from the early church laid the foundations for the church and orthodoxy, but theology has continued to develop and respond to the needs of the world around it. A team of teachers will help us consider some of the key figures from the modern era — men, women, Evangelical, Catholic, and Orthodox — who have contributed to the shaping of modern Christian thought and practice. Room 18.

Mom’s ACG. If you are looking to connect with other moms, the Mom’s ACG is a great place to jump in. The Mom’s ACG is a safe place for moms to gather, pray, and find community. It’s a great option for moms who work outside the home during the week. This winter/spring they will continue their study of four of Paul’s letters: Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians. Meeting in Room 14/15 on the first and third Sundays at 11:00am.


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