We are currently following a temporary schedule during COVID-19. Please check our homepage for the most current information.
Sunday Worship
9:00 & 11:00AM
Sunday Worship (Summer)
10:00-11:00AM (Memorial Day weekend through July 31)

Latest Sermons

Alone — John Mangrum (11 Oct 2020)

We’ll break from our Revelation series for a message from Pastor John on feeling alone, reading from Psalm 142. Download audio Stream audio Subscribe to podcast Watch video

Devotional Reading

Abraham’s Faith (1)

Stage One (Gen. 12:1-9)By Bob Whitaker For the next few devotional segments, I want to explore the nature of faith by looking at the life of Abraham.  In order to do this, I would like to consider the stages of faith that God brought him through during his long life.  The first stage of faith…

Grace Awakening

September 9, 2020 by Bob Whitaker I like to take road trips because the open road is therapeutic for me.  In Luke 24 we read a story of two disciples who were on the road to Emmaus following the crucifixion of Jesus.  They were bewildered by the events that led to Jesus’ death and devastated…

ECC exists to reflect the redeeming grace and transforming truth of Jesus Christ in a college town.